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    net-work problems for over a month and a half


      Hellow  i have  the sling box for nearly  half a year  and we had no network problems.(not on the coputer at home at not on a computer aborad)
      When i tried to connect to the sling box on my computer about a month and a half ago  i got the follwing mesage:"cant connect to your slibngbox beacuse it is not connected  to the internet.Make sure that your slingbox is connected to your router. the visit setup.slingbox.com on a mac or PC connected to your home network. select"set up internet viewing" and follow the instuctions  to configure your router. unplogging your sling box for 10 sec and plugging it back may also solve the problem".

      Well as the advice said i did the following steps but with out no reasult. i'm still getting the same error meesage.

      BTW I  upgraded my  coputer to win 7 so i thought that it beacuse of the the fact that i upgraded  my coputer' but  i am still getting that meesage.
      please help me s soon as possible.


      thank you very much