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    Slingbox Pro-HD Power Light and Logo constantly flashing and fails to hard reset




      I have an old Slingbox Pro and the newer model Slingbox Pro-HD.


      Recently the Slingbox Pro-HD has stopped working.


      1) All cables connected correctly

      2) Plug in power supply

      3) Instantly the power light and logo flash fairly rapidly and continue flashing indefinately


      Trying to do a hard factory reset does nothing and at no point during holding the reset button down do the logo and power lights stop flashing rapidly.


      I tried the same power supply with my old Slingbox Pro and it works first time as expected.


      The Slingbox Pro-HD was purchased in November 2010 from PC World in England, roughly 18 months ago.


      I have found a few posts on various random web forums that suggest that this blinking, and the failure to hard reset, indicates a serious hardware failure with the Slingbox.


      Anyone seen this before?