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    incorrect Slingbox name and IP address on slingbox.com profile


      When I log into the website support.slingbox.com it shows incorrect information about my slingbox as follows:


      Slingbox Info

      Slingbox Name: [incorrect name]
      Slingbox ID: [correct ID]

      Slingbox Software Version: [correct version]


      Internet Viewing

      Set Up Complete: Yes
      Slingbox Public IP Address: [incorrect public IP address]

      Slingbox Private IP Address: [incorrect private IP address]

      Slingbox Port: [correct port, 5001]


      Slingbox Access Info

      Activation Date: [correct activation date]
      Date Last Accessed: [correctly showing that I connected today]


      My questions are:

      1) Does this information matter at all for operating the slingbox? I have been having trouble with slingbox remote viewing since moving houses/routers but it is working right now.

      2) Is there anyway to update the info on support.slingbox.com to the correct info?