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    Remote control for SHARP BD-HDS32


      Hi supporters,


      I inported Slingbox PRO-HD through Amazon last month.

      I connected my audio video source BD recorder "SHARO BD-HDS32" to my Slingbox using "white & red" stereo audio component cable for audio and S-video cable for video. SHARP BD-HDS32 is cinnected my TV wyth an HDMI cable.

      I suppose my connection of audio video source to slingbox is correct.  I can watch TV through the internet. If there is any mistake, let me know.


      My problem is that I cannot use remote control on the web site.

      I connected Slingbox & SHARO BD-HDS32 with remote control IR cable, setting one of cable head in front of the sensor of SHARP BD-HDS32. When I push any botton of remote controller on the web site, the display of SHARP BD-HDS32 shows some re

      sponce, showing "RC2" but I cannot control nothing from remote controller on the web site. Of couse, when I change the TV channel with original SHARP BD-HDS32, the TV channel is changed, following the the change control of SHARP-HDS32.


      It is much appreciated that someone help me watch TV program with slingbox, controlling the remote controller on the web site.


      Of  course, I connected to my network through Japanese wireless router, "ELECOM Logistec/ Lan-WH300N/DGR". And I connected power adapter to the slingbox jack.


      I hope someone help me or give me some idea to use my slinbox properly.


      Thank you very much in advance.



      in Japan