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    Two dead slingcatchers


      I have a Slingcatcher in Florida streaming from my Sky system in the UK.

      Arrived here last week and Catcher was dead,flickering light.

      Bought Best Buy power supply,it didn't make any difference so I took it back.

      My son also has a Catcher so asked him to mail it to me. Same problem. Dim light but nothing else. Took the second one to Best Buy and they checked it with their power supply. No better. They said as there was a dim light on the original power adapter it was not an adaptor problem.

      They suggested it might be the internal power pack.


      Not sure where I go from here,any ideas??


      I am reluctant to pay for support unless it is likely to tell me something I don't already know.

      As far as I can see,I can't buy a new power cord from Sling and,even if I could ,is it likely to make any difference.


      I feel as though I've hit a wall.

      I bore all my friends with just how good Slingmedia is but now I feel stuck for ideas