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    need help with slinglink / blu ray player set up. PLEASE HELP!!


      I just bought a set of slinglink turbo's so i could send info from my router to my blu ray player's internet port.  I have a Sony BDP 360 and the wireless adapter for that doesn't come out in stores untill late summer so I was told to buy these instead.  I bought them and connected them to the router and the blu ray player but it is telling me on my tv that the network has a problem connecting to the dhcp server.  can someone please help me with this so my blu ray player can go out to the internet?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi UrbanSprawl,



          If the SlingLink lights are indicating a working state, you might need to change a setting on your router.  However, if the other devices connected to the router are taking IPs from DHCP and working, your router is probably fine.



          If you haven't already, run through the basic SlingLink troubleshooting guide:




          If the SlingLink lights say everything is working, I'd suggest trying to isolate where the problem is by:


          - Connect the BluRay player to the router using ethernet.  It might be a pain, but then you'll know if your router, BluRay player and cables are working.


          - Connect another device to the SlingLink (like your computer), see how that goes.


          Hopefully one or both of these tests will let you isolate the where the problem is.



          Post back and say how it goes.



          Hope this helps,


          - Az