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    SlingPlayer for Windows without Internet Access


      I have a new SlingBox for Dish Network (Hopper) and a Windows 7 PC connected on the same local area network (LAN).


      I tether my cell phone to my LAN to access the Internet from home. Depending on my wireless speed (typically 700Kbps), I have been able to stream some video from my SlingBox to the Windows PC sitting 6 inches away. However, connectivity is slow and inconsistent, and I don't want to have to tether to the Internet in order to watch content from my SlingBox on my PC at home.


      The SlingPlayer for Windows application would appear to solve my issue, allowing me to connect to my SlingBox directly from my LAN without requiring an Internet connection (which the SlingPlayer for Web requires). It is unfortunate that SlingPlayer for Windows (and Mac) have been discontinued, as my main use-case is using my laptop and/or PC to stream content from my SlingBox/Hopper to TVs in my house.


      What are the plans for Sling to support "remote" viewing over a LAN without an Internet connection (on Windows PCs)?



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          I just downloaded the SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0.4522 from sling.com and tried to use the setup assistant to connect to my SlingBox/Hopper. The setup assistant finds my SlingBox, but indicates that it is not compatible with the software.


          There seems to be no option available (anymore) for watching Sling content over my LAN without an Internet connection.


          This is very disappointing.

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              I agree!!  Did anyone get a notice it was discontinued?  I was using the Player yesterday morning, then suddenly it wouldn't recognize I had an Internet connection.  It is if Sling sent an update to disable it.  They say it is not supported or discontinued, but it can still be downloaded from the website.  VERY mixed messages.


              The webplayer is slow to initate and doesn't monitor the quality of the video like the Player for Windows.  I plan to rerturn my Slingbox as soon as return to the US.  The box just stopped working less than 2 weeks into my first trip with it and and now less than 2 weeks into my 2nd trip this happens.  I am very dissatisfied!

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              This is "ridiculous" on part of Slingbox not to support sling player. If I were to connect my computer and slingbox to the same router, why do I need internet. In Canada and in most non-US countries, there is nothing like "UnLimited" internet. Data uploads and Downloads are metered and it is "stupid" to use my ISP imposed data quota to view SlingBox Video feed, when Sling Box and my computer are connected to same router/switch in my home.