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    Id connection


      In the slingbox app for the iPad I am having trouble setting it up

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          jordan.sling Newbie

          Hello Pkirrane,


          Thank you for using our forums for your issue you are having. To better assist you, are you trying to set up your Slingbox, or you trying to install the application on your iPad? If you are trying to set up your Slingbox, what Slingbox do you have?


          Thank you,

          Sling Moderation Team

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            Can not find Id number for slingbox

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              stanley.sling Apprentice

              Hello Pkirrane,


                   I'd like to thank you for using our Answers Forum to get in touch with us. If I am understanding you correctly, you are trying to setup the Slingbox via the SlingPlayer App for the iPad. Unfortunately, at this time, it is impossible to setup a Slingbox via the SlingPlayer App for any device. In order to setup the Slingbox, you will need to navigate to Newwatch.Slingbox.com (if it is a Slingbox 350 or 500) or Setup.Slingbox.com (for all older Slingbox models) on a PC or Mac that is on the same network as the Slingbox itself.


              If you have any issues setting up the Slingbox from your PC or Mac, check out this article:




              Hope this helps!



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              Sling Media Forum Moderation Team