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    Installing two (!) custom remotes for two different devices with one Pro HD: is this possible?


      Just as a follow-up I was wondering: is it possible to install two custom remotes on one Slingbox Pro HD? - Apart from my Sagemcom Freeview+ Box for which I already use Alan's custom remote I also have a Panasonic DMR-EX85 DVD/HDD-recorder hooked up. Sling's own remote provided during setup does not quite offer all the subtleties of the physical remote.


      So, I was going to give JP1' Panasonic custom remote a try. But I see that it has the same file names "V2010_PL.bin" and "V2010_RV.bin" as the already installed Sagem custom remote and would therefore overwrite the existing files in the SBAV folder. Is it just a case of renaming the files, say to "V2012", and then typing that accordingly during setup? Or will I have to do without a second custom remote?


      And BTW: Is setting-up a custom remote still limited to Slingplayer Desktop and not possible via "Watch" on Slingbox.com? If so, surely it's illogical for Sling to give up supporting the desktop app. How then are we supposed to install custom remotes in future? Besides, the desktop app is much more sophisticated than the webslingplayer. It seems just as short sighted as abandoning the SlingCatcher.