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    my slingbox is useless


      Since they have removed remote learning, I cannot use my slingbox PRO-HD, I cant get it to work with my new receiver and the old either since they deleted the custom file I made for that receiver too, this is ridiculous, This is a disgrace I WANT MY MONEY BACK! there is nothing pro about it when you cannot use the features it was sold with! useless product this is horrible.


      What was the people at slingmedia thinking, lets render all our products useless !!!! yes thats a good move!

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          tcaradonna Novice

          I didn't realize they did this.  But my advice is request that they add the remote specific to the equipment you want (by brand & model) so they may add it to the standard list.  Slingbox has been pretty good about getting equipment added, which beats self programming.

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            beckifields Novice

            Hello Mkill,


            Thanks for reaching out to us in the land of the forums. We do apologize that the The Slingbox Remote Control Manager "remote learning" site is currently not available.  We do understand the frustration for this.  As you know, all you need is the .BIN files.  Even though you no longer have it, another one can most likely be found.  The first place to look is our Forums.  We have some great customers out there that actually will create a .BIN file for you.  All you need to do is submit a request in the General Questions for Remote Controls.  The second place to look is different 3rd party sites out there that create these certain .BIN files as well.


            Check out this great article below, that will show you how to install the files once you have them.  It will also provide you with a few of those 3rd Party sites that we mentioned.



            With Kind Regards,

            The Slingbox Moderation Team

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              I log into my account successfully and then when i hit "watch" it takes me to someone else's slingbox/TV. does anyone know how to correct this?