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    Unhappy UK customer ????


      I recently purchased the slingbox HD pro along with the HD fury 3, a HDMI splitter and the slingbox Ipad app,


      after spending nearly £400 on this product it simply wont work,


      it doesnt pick up my video signal although I can recieve the sound and can control my tv through remote


      some answers please ??

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I've no experince of the HD Fury, but you seem to be trying for a very complex solution.  You really want to try taking small steps first.  First just connect the component output of your device to your Slingbox and see if the video appears on a PC Web Browser (You can't do the setup on an iPad).    Try it with the HDMI plugged into your TV and then remove the HDMI lead. 


          Report back