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    Access recordings


      When I try to play backon my Mac or iPad a program recorded on my Slingbox Pro, the screen jumps to the end of the recording, asking if I want to save or delete it.  I cannot access the recording itself.  Any ideas?

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          AdamJohnson Newbie

          Hello chenereilles,

          Thank you for reaching out to us on our online Answers forum. I can understand why you would be contacting us about not being able to access your DVR recordings. I would be glad to assist you with resolving the issue. What it sounds like is that it could be a problem with your cable box. Make sure you can access the recordings with your actual remote control at home. If you can you may need to change the remote on the Slingplayer for Web interface.


          Here is an article on what to do:



          Hopefully those steps help.

               The Sling Media Moderation Team