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    Black screen and no audio when connected-tech support can't figure it out. Need help!


      The slingbox only displays a blacjk screen and no audio when connected. Doesn't work even on the hard wired internet connection. Returned the original sling box becuase one of the tech "geniuses" told me it was  hardware problem. The new one worked great for about a week and started doing the same thing-just a black screen. Tech support is useless - I have called them at least 12 times and we go through the whole setup, check the cable box, the router settings everything is "fine" but the ******* thing doesn't work. Can I get some real support is this just an inferior piece of **** product that will NEVER WORK RIGHT just suck people in with false advertising. I have over $500 invested in the box, the Sling Links and various apps and have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. I NEED RESOPONSE TO THIS PLEASE AND SOME ANSWERS NO MORE BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!