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    Slingbox AV assigned IP address ending in 5 and not 254 does that matter?


      I just moved and now have a new home router. My Slingbox AV worked fine before the move. Now when my slingbox requests an IP address from my router however does not receive one. I saw in the forums that lots of people have this problem after changing routers.


      To work around this problem I logged into my router (a Motorola Surfboard) and went to the DHCP tab and entered the MAC address of my slingbox under "Reserve New IP Address". The router assigns the Slingbox the IP address - (which I can't change).


      Now I can connect to the Slingbox from within my home network however I cannot connect to it remotely for some reason.


      My first question is: does it matter that my slingbox is on and not what I believe is the Slingbox default:



      Separately, I set port forwarding on my router to forward data incoming on port 5001 to the slingbox at However when I test to see if the port is open using this tool: http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ it shows port 5001 as closed.


      Using the same tool I tested the other port I have open, 3389, and it correctly shows it as Open.


      So my question is: why would port 5001 be listed as closed even though port forwarding on the router shows it as open? Is testing whether the port is open or not solely the purview of the router or is the Slingbox involved in whether the port is open or not?


      Many thanks for your help!!