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    Slingbox AV Doesn't Work From Computers, Only Phone?


      So this is really weird, I've had my Slingbox AV for quite some time, never had any big issues with it working. Lately I can't connect to the Slingbox at all from computers. So let's clear up some basic troubleshooting to save the time and energy:

      1) The router has not changed, I have tried resetting it, tried forwarding ports, UPNP is enabled and the Slingbox opens its port on its own so that is not the issue.

      2) My Android phone connects just fine from within the same wifi network, on another wifi network, on 3G, etc. There is NEVER a problem streaming to my phone, it works like the day I bought it for both local and internet viewing.

      3) Computers cannot connect to the Slingbox from within the local network or on another network, they can't connect from within the browser (plugin installed) at Sling.com or from the desktop player. I've tried multiple computers, tried disabling firewalls, tried just about everything you can think of, it just will not work.


      Suggestions? Thanks in advance, it's getting quite tiring watching Mets games on my phone when I'm sitting in front of a nice monitor.