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    Firewall Question


      I have a Slingbox Solo attached to my home router and I have forwarded port 5001. The company I work for has issued me an air card along with Cisco VPN connection. This works fine, I can view my TV. If I connect my laptop to the company network via an ethernet cable, I cannot view TV. I get an error that there is a problem with the signal.


      I need to contact the IT department and have them modify the firewall or something so I can view TV. What could they be blocking on my ethernet connection that is not being blocked using air card/VPN?

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          shaysfn Novice

          Hey JSteel1380,


          Thanks for using our Answers forum.  I would definitely recommend that you contact your IT department because there is something blocking the Slingbox signal.


          I am sure since it is work, that they have various security measures set up to protect anything from being broken into thru the internet at work, as far as what they could be, I don't know.




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