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    Won't power up


      My sling box won't power up. I have tried different outlets and i used a voltmeter on the supply and I have voltage. Still slingbox won't power up

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          I have the same problem.  I called the company for support but since my warranty has expired they wouldn't  talk to me.  I know there is a problem because there is a announcement saying to call if you have a power problem with your slingbox.  I hope someone out there can help.

          I've noticed after reading about this problem most of you have new slingbox's ( < than a year).  I've had mine since Feb 2010 with no problems.  This is the 1st problem I've had with my SlingboxPro.  Mine is older and most of yours are new having  the same problem "NO POWER".  Something is not right here.  HELP!!!




          My adapter is made by 'Sunny'.  Model: SYS1298-1506-W2

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              Good luck! It’s an epidemic. I've had them send me two of them first one came with minimal packing material and of course it did not work. It was obviously a refurbished one, and mine was only 3 months old when it failed. This next one came as I said with minimal packing material and it was just banging around in the box. The UPS driver didn't even want to talk to me. He knew it was broken when he delivered it!


              It powered up but would not change channels. So they insisted on just sending me a new IR blaster cable. I told them that it was not the IR cables, but no, they would not listen to me the insited on sending me a stupid cable instead not another Sling Box. Even an idiot would know it wasn’t the cable! So I waited another week and a half or so, I get the IR cable and of course it still didn't change channels. So I called them back, and now they're sending me another Sling Box. And another week or more wait. I and I'm sure I'm getting another refurbished piece of junk!


              All in all I've been down for over a month now with lousy customer service. If you are reading this thinking about purchasing one of these. Run, run away very fast!


              But read it quickly, they will erase this as soon as they see it. You would not believe the numbers of defective boxes they’ve sold!

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              barbaraharwood Newbie

              Hi ctconnol and Friends,


              Thank you for contacting Slingbox Forum.  I am sorry you are having power issues.


              Please call us at Sling Media Technical Support at  1-877-GO-SLING to get more information on this issue. You can also use the link:



              If you are out of warranty, there may be a charge of  29.99 for a Pay Per Incident (PPI) for trouble shooting.  There are some circumstances where that charge may be waived if we determine it is a hardware issue.


              Hope this helps with your issue!


              Have a great  day!

              Sling Moderation Team