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    Router Issues


      so I have a brand new router and all new cables. For some reason my slingbox solo wont stay connected the one of the ports of the wireless router. i called comcast, net gear, etc.. we dignosed the problem to be with the connection to the sling box solo. We ran multiple tests with all the ports and they worked with all other devices except the sling box solo. WHAT DO I DO? very very frusterating not to have tv when i trvel and commute.

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          barbaraharwood Newbie

          Hi chrislash,


          Thank you for contacting Slingbox Forum.  I am sorry you are having router connection issues.


          You may want to help the Slingbox connect to the router.  Here are the steps:


          • Power off both the router and the Slingbox for 30 seconds.
          • After that, power on only the router until it is fully powered up.
          • Now, plug in the Slingbox. Wait until you have 2 solid lights on the Slingbox.
          • Check to see, on the computer, if a connection is made to the router.
          • If so, then continue through the setup.  If not, press the reset  button on the back of the Slingbox for 30 seconds.
          • Again, wait for the 2 solid lights on the Slingbox.
          • Try to connect again on the computer


          If this does not help you ,you may want to contact us at the  following link:



          Hope this helps you with your  issue!


          Have a great day!

          Sling Moderation Team