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    Power Off & On


      Newbie here please be gentle...It seems there is no way to turn my newly acquired Slingbox SOLO on and off without disconnecting power supply. Is the unit intended to remain powered on 24/7/365, or should it be disconnected if it will not be used for a period of time?


      Tom C.

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          callanish Apprentice

          It's an always on device. If you aren't using it for a long period of time, unplugging can't hurt......just remember to plug it back in before watching it on the go because it won't turn itself back on

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            barbaraharwood Newbie

            Hi tomthecork,


            The Slingbox is on all the time.  If you need to turn it off you would unplug it but you will then need to redo the setup at the URL setup.slingbox.com.


            You will also need to keep the cable box you have it connected to on all the time or the Slingbox will not have the information it needs to transmit  to a mobile device.


            Have a great  day!

            Sling Moderation Team

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                callanish Apprentice

                Not true Barbara. Unplugging it won't force you to have to redo the sling setup again. You could leave your slingbox unplugged for months. As long as your router settings haven't changed, once you plug it back in, it will reboot to where you left off. I know, because I've done that before.