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    very disappointed


      I have a HD and A Solo Slingbox ....I have Sprint 4G unlimited everything up the Ying Yang....

      I  live in Florida and recently to a tip to Georgia then Tennessee then  Chicago then over to I95 along the east coast ..I stopped in many places   and this is where the Disappointment came in . Just one time I was able  to get an acceptable picture in Georgia .. I tried through my phone  (Android) and my Tablet (Android) I feel paying what I did with the 2  slingboxes and the Android Tablet slingplayer I would at least be able  to enjoy this on the road ..Lets face it is it not mainly for this  purpose?  And don`t bother asking and telling me about hook up I know  how to hook it all up so save your breath..In my opinion spending all  this money was money down the drain.

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          AdamJohnson Newbie

          Hello billyinlilla,


          Thank you for reaching out to us on our online Answers forum. I can understand your frustration on being unable to view a clear picture while traveling. I would be glad to assist you with this issue. The problem can only be one thing. It is the download speed from your phone or tablet. When you travel like that you fall victim to fluctuating network speeds over your mobile connect. I would run a speed test when ever you get a poor picture and test your download speed.


          Here are some links to check out:



          I hope these help out.


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