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    Remote Controlled Component Input Switcher


      Hello all...


      First time here and I really love my new slingbox HD-Pro since I upgraded from my older Slingbox Pro!


      I have a couple of questions.


      1. Why didn't Sling use HDMI connectors on the new HD-Pro Slingbox? It seems it would have made more sense, at least to me?


      2. Since it only has one HD input, (VIA component cable), does anyone know of an IR controlled component input multi switch that can be controlled by the slingbox to switch HD inputs? I have two cable boxes and a Bluray/DVD player that all have component outputs, but I can only hook up one at a time to my slingbox?


      Any help or idea's would be appreciated!





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          AdamJohnson Newbie

          Hello richgindin,


          Thank you for reaching out to us on our online Answers forum. I can understand why you are contacting us with these questions and I would be glad to answer them.


          For you first question the main reason we did not include HDMI inputs is due to HDCP. We currently have a new Slingbox 500 out which has HDMI connections.


          To answer you second questions it probably wouldn't work to well since you can only assign one remote at a time to the component input. If you were using multiple sources you would have to change the to switch remote, then switch to the remote that controls the cable box or DVD player. It certainly can be done just it would be very time consuming.


          Here are some links to look over:


          I hope these help out.


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