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    Replacement of Slingbox under warrenty is very slow


      My Slingbox Pro HD with a V-infinity power adapter needed to be replaced under warrenty.  It was sent out on July 10, 2012 and dropped on my porch on July 20, 2012.  Unfortunately for me it was stolen off my front porch.  I reported the incident to the Orange Police Department (Case #12070811). I have called Slingbox three times only to be told numerous things that I really fell are bad business practices. I expect under this situation a new slingbox would be sent. Sling media has the tracking number with UPS and they have the police report. I was told by 3 different employees that all the can do is document the facts and escalate the case.  I was promised a return call within 48 hours which has come and gone.  I was told that they would send out a new unit but they had none in stock.  Later I was told by a different employee they were out of stock last week but not at this time.  I was told that nobody was available that could make a decision to mail me a new unit.  sling media did take my credit card number and told me if I didn't return the fauty unit within 30 days my credit card would be charged.  I won't even have a warrenty unit in 30 days.  does this mean my one year warrenty will be extented a month or more while I wait for a call from someone which their own emplyees can't contact... What a bissar situation.  For heaven sake sSing Media... Send out a new unit and file a claim with UPS.  Case #00590871.  I hope this followed the guidlines of a friendly and informative post that can help other Sling customers.