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    Slingbox connection issues


      I have a Slingbox ProHD and am trying to watch TV from my computer (which is a PC). My Slingbox is in a different room than my router so I have connected a Slinglink to both my router and the Slingbox. I'm confident that I have connected everything correctly and both the power light and the network connection light are ON on the Slingbox. I have also taken down the Firewall used to block certain programs on my computer. My Slingbox and my computer are both connected to the same wireless network. Even with all this, when my computer tries to locate the Slingbox on the network it fails and tells me to check the power, network connection, and remove any firewalls. Since my computer is a laptop I've tried helping the connection by moving the it closer to the router (didn't help) and then closer to the Slingbox (didn't help). I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do to make the connection work! Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!