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    No DHCP IP address


      Hi everyone,

      I have an old Slingbox pro that was not in use for a loong time and now when I connect it to the network does not get an IP address. I did a lot of factory resets as well.

      I have tried and tested 3 different routers, all of them work fine and give IPs to other devices, but none gives an IP to the SB.


      Also I have a second Slingbox PRO that gets ok an IP address from very same routers.


      have tried all the combinations and swapped the AC adapter from working to non-working SB with no luck.


      I monitored the network process that occurs between SB and the router and it looks like this:

      1.SB sends DHCP Discover

      2.Router responds with DHCP Offer

      But then the SB should respond with an DHCP Request, but never does. It keep on sending DHCP Discover. And after a while it auto configures itself with an 169.xxx ip address, that obviously does not gives it network connectivity.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          HI there,


          any ideas anyone ?




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            I am having the same problem with my Slingbox AV. Here is a helpful post from another thread that seems like the right way to resolve:


            My suggestion would be to check  the users manual of your router for instructions on how to assign a  static IP address to devices that are attached to the router  (note that  this is different than assigning a static IP address to the router  itself, which you DON'T want to do), copy down the Media Access Control  (MAC) ID for your Slingbox (probably printed on a sticker on the bottom  of the Slingbox), then program your router to assign a static IP address  to the device with the MAC ID of your Slingbox.


            Then  program your router to forward port 5001 to the static IP address that  you assigned to your Slingbox. Unplug the power on the Slingbox, unplug  the power on your router; wait 20 seconds, power up the router; when its  lights settle down, power up the Slingbox. Then see if the Slingbox's  lights settle down and whether you can communicate with the Slingbox  once again.

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              Follow the instructions http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-1000224.html


              But I think this works when an IP is already assigned otherwise you have to follow the suggestions of cswain


              Good Luck