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    Slingbox and DirecTV? How does it work.


      How exactly does it work?


      Ok so I know I have to buy a Slingbox and connect it to either the Sat or cable at home.


      Then I download the slingplayer for my laptop and watch TV on there from anywhere in the world? But how does my slingplayer connect to that specific slingbox? Is there a unique number on that box?


      Also, if I want to get DirecTV to be able to use it with the Slingbox, I would have to connect the Slingbox to the receiver provided by DirecTV? does that sound about right?


      If I already have a different provider for TV channels can I just hook up the slingbox to it and it will send the channels to the internet so that I can watch it with the slingplayer or does only DirecTV do that?


      If it works with any TV channel company I would like to try that out first before getting a 2 year subscription with DirecTV.


      By the way, I travel a lot overseas due to my work and would mainly use it on my laptop whenever there's a fast internet connection.


      last question: I also need to have a fast upload speed at the residence where the slingbox will be installed, right?


      I would really appreciate it if some of you could answer me!

      thanks so much in advance.

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          barbaraharwood Newbie

          Hi svonhausen,


          You sound like you have the  information pretty well in hand!  Congratulations!  I am not sure  which model you are  considering to get, the Slingbox PRO-HD or the Slingbox SOLO.  If you search the  word hookup, on support.slingbox.com, you will find information on the hooking up process for the  cables for each.  Also, at setup.slingbox.com, you will find the process to get the configuration of the cables and Internet Viewing test.  This process includes getting the  cable box and remote set up for computer use and mobile device use.


          I suggest you visit our web site at support.slingbox.com and  then review the many articles on hook up and setup of the Slingbox.


          Here is a link to help you:  The most frequently asked Slingbox set up questions.


          Hope this helps with your issue!


          Have a great day!

          Sling Moderation Team