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    Can no longer connect to one Slingbox Pro HD using iPad 1.


      Hi - here's an intruiging one...


      I have two iPad 1's each with SlingPlayer for iPad, and two Slingbox Pro HD's.


      I regularly watch both Slingboxes from the browser SlingPlayer interface on several PC's.


      Until recently, I could also watch both Slingboxes on both iPad's.


      Now, when watching one of the Slingboxes, neither iPad will work. It says "Cannot Connect".


      I have double-checked both router configurations, they appear to be the same, as does the Slingbox configurations (both firmware versions are the latest).


      All PC's with the browser SlingPlayer interface still connect to both Slingboxes.


      Both iPad's still work on the other SlingBox.


      I'm so confused!


      Thanks for any hints, folks.


      - Chuck in Nova Scotia