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    Problem with account servers (iPad slingplayer only)?


      I just purchased the sling player for iPad this week, for "half" the price - still many times more than most apps, but ok. Yesterday it worked, but only SQ gave a reasonable experience; auto and HQ were unbearable due to constant buffering, but ok.

      Anyway, today the sling player kept saying that I have no Internet connection, which is not true. I even deleted it and reinstalled it over wifi, so I definitely have Internet connection. Now the app says "No Internet. Could not connect to the Sling Accounts Servers". I can watch my sling box from a PC perfectly fine however. Are there dedicated iPad player account servers?

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          Just tried again, and now my iPad slingplayer is not complaining anymore, it logged in and started playing. It must have been some temporary problem with iPad specific(?) account servers; my notebook web browser based slingplayer worked ok all the time.

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            Unfortunately, you have discovered, too late, I am afraid,  the awful truth: The iPad app continually drops the connection and has done so ever since I purchased it when it first came out. I have learned that if I exit the app, return to the iPad home screen and launch Slingplayer again, it will usually reconnect, but only after thinking about it a long time. I can't count the number of critical plot points and pithy news comments I have missed because Slingplayer drops the ball. Hope this workaround works for you.


            Yes, there is another awful truth: no matter how fast your Internet service, Slingplayer really works only in standard resolution, with two exceptions: on my tiny Android screen or on my PC when I launch it in a separate window and make that window almost too small to see, I get HD - sort of. Any screen size bigger than 3x4 inches seems to defeat Slingplayer's HD ambitions even though it frequently pops up a message telling me I might get higher resolution using a different setting. Fat chance.


            By comparison, I can watch Netflix movies full size on my PC or iPad in glorious HD almost anywhere in the world, even on some very slow internet services. Makes you wonder what Netflix knows that Slingbox doesn't.


            The Slingbox concept is truly ingenious, but the Slingplayer software falls massively short when it comes to delivering on its promises. It has so many technical and design flaws that it may be the most underperforming software I have ever purchased, and if you add up the time it has cost me, at my hourly rate, to constantly relaunch the app, it is also the most expensive.


            FYI, I am CEO of a software developer company with 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley. If my software development team ever released an application as brain dead as Slingplayer, I would fire all of them on the spot. That Slingbox continues to sell this digital trash despite the customer feedback it has received is unconscionable. I wouldn't give this software away.

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                shaysfn Novice

                Hi bill616,


                I understand that you are having some issues watching your Slingbox on your IPad as far as resolution is concerned.  I have a couple of articles that should help you.



                Hope these help.




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                    sgt1577 Newbie

                    I too am having trouble with the iPad app! It will only play for 4-5 minutes before losing connection. This makes it impossible to enjoy watching anything. If this continues and I am unable to fix it, it's off to eBay fom my slingplayer and the $30 for the app will be painful lesson.

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                        Just to give a quick update: my iPad player has not experienced anymore "Could not connect to the Sling Accounts Servers" problem since my first report. So I really think it was a temporary problem with Sling Accounts Servers (my internet was fine, a.o. I could re-install the app over wifi at that time!)


                        I do not loose my connection every few minutes as bill 616 and sgt1577 experience (sorry to hear that!). I couldn't help thinking: how many green dots do you see? For iPad player: touch "Aspect" and on the left you see kbps and the dot(s). For what they mean, see here: http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-5000270.html Maybe it doesn't apply to your problem, but then again, who knows.


                        Problems that I do have on my iPad app:

                        - iPad HQ mode is unwatchable (choppy / frequent buffering; every ~3 seconds it completely stops for 1 second). I know my end2end bandwidth is ok: reference: PC SlingPlayer works fine and shows plenty of bandwidth from the Solo to my current location.


                        - iPad Auto mode selects the (unwatchable, see above) HQ mode, imho confirming that bandwidth is not a problem. HQ mode resolution does look better (during these periods of ~3 seconds). All in all, to me it seems there is a bug in HQ mode.


                        - airplay from iPad SlingPlayer to Apple TV only works in (the unfortunately unwatchable) HQ mode. In SQ mode, airplay only sends the audio, the video stays on the iPad! Effectively, I have no airplay :-(


                        - The video shown on AppleTV with airplay is not filling the (16:9) TV screen; it stays in 4:3 confines, thus leaving big black bars on all sides. Other iPad apps that play video via airplay like youtube can fill the TV screen just fine. The exact same Solo source played with a SlingPlayer browser (Chrome) plugin fills my PC 16:9 screen 100%.


                        - in iPad HQ mode, touching "Aspect", the app does not show the kbps, only the green dots (3). In both Auto and SQ mode however, the app does show the kbps and the green dots (3 and 1 respectively). Well, this is a minor bug.