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    All lights are on, Firewalls off, and no computers in my house can detect it.


      Trying to set up a slingbox classic with the 80$ Slingbox networking adaptor I purchased, All of the power/networking lights are on, I disabled all Firewalls on two computers (one window one mac), downloaded necessary slingbox setup software, and my slingbox cannot be located on either computer. I tried resetting the slingbox while power was off (only free advice support could offer), and I tried resetting with the power on- like the website suggested.



      When I tried calling support and they wanted to charge me 30$ for help (I just bought their $80 equipment a few weeks ago! It's obviously not working and they won't provide support?)...




      Can someone please help me?





      - Lisa

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          beckifields Novice

          Hello LightningLisa20,

          Thanks for reaching out to us in the land of the forums.  We do apologize that you are not able to connect to the network.  We know that this can be quite frustrating.  You mentioned that you have just purchased the 80$ Slingbox networking adaptor, which we are assuming you mean the Slinglinks.


          We do have one step, that we would recommend that you try.  This step is to actually hard wire the Slingbox to your Router, reset your device and then actually start fresh and go through the process again by going to setup.slingbox.com.


          Hope this helps,

          The Slingbox Moderation Team