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    Power supply adapters "Ktec" and "V-Infinity" interchangeable or not?


      Having heard so much about failed power adapters lately, I've invested in a replacement one as a precaution (http://uk.slingbox.com/go/buy). I have two Slingoxes Pro HD in the UK, the first one originally came with a "Ktec" power supply (output 5 V, 4 A), the second one originally came with a "V-Infinity" power supply (output 5 V, 3 A), note the difference in the amperage. The replacement adapter sent to me from Sling's eStore is the "Ktec" one, but I was not given a choice when ordering.


      To my amazement I have now discovered on the Sling Answers Forum Index Page (https://community.sling.com/index.jspa) an annoncement to customers who are having problems with their power supply:


      "Be sure to note the manufacturer of the Slingbox AC power supply (the  wall adapter) when you contact our support agents - it will say either "Ktec" or "V-INFINITY". Having that information in advance will help us serve you better. Thanks, The Sling Support Team."


      I am now very confused and grateful to the Sling Support team if you can enlighten us, whether your power supplies "Ktec" and "V-Infinity" are interchangeable with all Slingboxes Pro HD or not. The "Ktec" power adapters comes with a label saying "OK for Slingbox Pro HD", but the different amperages and the above announcement seem to suggest otherwise. I don't want my Slingbox to go up in smoke (it's hot enough already!)