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    Here's a good one!


      I have 2 slingboxes on my account 1 is a friends the other is mine.

      1. On my sling catcher I can connect to both

      2. On the sling media webpage I can connect to both (WiFi)

      3. On my PC and Laptop (WiFi) using the slingplayer software I downloaded years ago I can connect to his sling box but not mine


      This is a new problem. I did not do anything I changed nothing. Just woke up one day and I could connect to his and not mine.

      I recieve the error: "There was a problem communicating with the sligbox, try connecting again"


      Seems strange that I can connect with the catcher and with the slngmedia software which proves that I can connect via ethernet cable and WifI but I cannot connect on any of my PC's using the slingplayer software.