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    Slingbox not powering up.


      I've had the Pro-hd working for a little over a week and now it won't stay on.  Power connections are all good, network connection live and active.  When I unplug the slingbox the power light turns on solid, the network turns on dim and flickers, the horseshoe led glows a few times and then turns off, then the ntework LED flickers a bit turns off and the power led turns off.  I've done this with the tv on and the signal gets through to the tv for about 10 seconds, then the audio has a brief crackling sound, the sound then goes out, the picture turns orangish and the signal degrades and finally turns off completely when the above slingbox "power up" sequence ends in turning itself off.  I've tried pressing and holding the reset button for a hard reset and nothing happens.  I can't see the box from slingbox website (you know since it turns itself off).  Any ideas or help would be great.