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    choppy video and audio on my Dell Inspiration

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      My Dell laptop is wire connected to my home network (i.e. on the same 100 mb LAN as my Slingbox Solo). But I am getting choppy Audio and Video. The Player give me the warning message of not enough bandwidth.I use Automatic for Local Access. But this does not happen on my wife's laptop (not Dell). She has smooth Video Audio either wired or wireless connected ( N speed wireless) to the Slingbox. Since I have no problem with the other laptop, I think it is some settings on my Dell laptop that causes the problem. Any idea where to look ? There should never be bandwidth problem wired LAN connect to the SlingBox, right ?

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          I also have frame skip error and according to the help below

          Frame skips detected message: "SlingPlayer has detected frame skips in video rendering. Please refer to help on ways to minimize this behavior."

          • Issue: SlingPlayer has detected a number of skipped frames, indicating a potential problem.
          • Solution: If the problem persists, try restarting SlingPlayer. If that doesn't help, the solution is going to depend on your computer and its display system. Choose SlingPlayer Options from the Settings menu, then click the Video tab to open SlingPlayer Video Options. There, try deselecting the VMR9 option; if that doesn't help, try deselecting the primary Video Mixing Renderer technology option. (If they are already deselected, then try selecting them, one at a time.) If you still can't solve the problem, check to see whether the manufacturers who produced your display and your graphics card have offered any driver updates for their products. If your system's driver software isn't current, updating it can help considerably in many cases.

          But the option under the Video tab are greyed out. Is there any step that I have to do the allow me to change the options ?

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              Hi Slingbuser,


              Sorry for the late reply. In this case if the buttons that you're supposed to click on in the instructions are grayed out, and you're not having this issue on any other device, I would recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your PC to see if they may know what the issue is. Below is a link of our system requirements. Take a look at the link and if your PC meets all requirements and you're still getting this issue I would contact the manufacturer and see if they can guide you in the right direction.



              If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reply.


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