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    wrong colours being displayed, shadows, strange bar of colour on bottom


      I DO notice that the problem goes away if I switch the video mode from QVGA to another video mode. The problem with this is that I cannot stream faster than 350kbps due to a low max upload speed where the slingbox is located (3000 miles away).  I'm having problems with colours. .. I'm using SlingPlayer , ,. Everything was fine yesterday, now I get a strange bar  with weird colours in the bottom. Everything looks a bit shadowed with a  yellowish or bluish tint. Other colours are completely the wrong  colours as well.  In the older version of SlingPlayer, there was a way  to configure the video where it would show two videos and ask "which  looks better? Left or right?" "Now which one looks better?" and it would  fix the problems.   Apparently the new version of SlingPlayer doesn't  have that option. I have no knowledge of how to fix this. Changing the hue/contrast does not fix the problem.  Please help,  someone.