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    Rarely Used Slingbox Can't Keep Connection


      I've had my Slingbox for about 20 months and have maybe used it for 10-15 hours of total streaming during that time. I have not used it in about 8 months or so. I decided I would give it a go on my new Nexus 7 tablet being that you guys are having the sale on the app itself and I wanted to watch the British Open. Long story short, it isn't working. Firmware is current, device has not been stored in any sort of "extreme" environment, has been connected to a UPS/Surge protector the entire time as well. I can get about 15-30 seconds of streaming and it crashes.


      Being that the SOLO costs $149 (Amazon) and the replacement, via the FAQ is $99 I feel like I'm stuck with a product that is basically new yet completely useless.  Are there any solutions to this problem?


      Also, I have performed a hard reset (button in the back) and attempted to go through the set up process. I was able to update the firmware, although it did reset midway through. It was flashed successfully according to the ActiveX interface. However, I was unable to finish th set up due to constant disconnects, In fact, I had to hard reset it yet again because it disconnected as it was finishing the set up and the Admin password that I had set did not stick. I have reset my modem as well. I have an Open DMZ so it isn't a port forwarding issue.