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    Upgrade eligibility


      Does the $50 coupon towards upgrade from Slingbox AV apply to the Slingbox Solo bundle that is on sale?

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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hi slingbox_user,


          Sorry for the late reply. However, as of right now I am not aware of any $50 coupons that we have or had in the past, but then again this was also posted back in July. With that being said, I am sorry that I can not give you a direct answer to your question as I am not aware of any old promotions that we may have had. however, I can let you know that if you currently have a Slingbox and upgrade to the Slingbox 350 or the Slingbox 500 on our web site then you can receive $30 off one of the Slingbox's mentioned. Please see the link below for more information on how to receive $30 off your upgrade.



          I hope this helps and if you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to this post.


          Thank You,

          Sling Media Moderation Team