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    Slingbox loses connection once again...


      I am watching my slingbox today. Everything is great... it is streaming at high speed. All of a sudden, it goes out and now it won't reconnect. Any ideas on how to fix.

      Slingbox has let me down yet again...




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          Hello rnjw,


          I can definitely understand why you have contacted us in regards to the Slingbox not working for you today. For me to better assist you, I have a few questions for you:

          • What Slingbox do you currently have? Slingbox SOLO? Slingbox PRO HD?
          • Do you have 2 solid lights on the front of the Slingbox?
          • Are you able to connect from the home location?


          Thank you for your time!

             The Sling Moderation Team

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              Just watched my slingbox for 30 minutes and then it lost connectivity.......once again. In response to your questions above, I am quite confused....


              If people need a slingbox for viewing when they are away from their home, how can they tell if two red lights are on. The whole reason I got a slingbox was so I could watch my tv while away. If it doesn't work while I'm away, how can I possibly answer that question?


              In general terms, please answer this for me. Why does my Slingbox consistently work for 30 minutes then lose connectivity each time?


              Thank you