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    Heaven forbid you should have your own channels on tuner


      For such a stellar product it is poorly implemented.   Why can't the TV channels be programmed and labeled as they are on the desktop players?   You are forced to use their channel icons and now you are forced to use the channel numbers that come with the icons.   I have 8 security cameras that I have put on RF channels going to the Sling Box tuner so that I can see them on my phone when I'm on the road.  No trouble on the desktop players.  I can put in the channel and label it as the camera position.  (Yard, Back, Door . . .)   The good folks and Sling Media have decided that I have Cox cable which I don't so my tuner is a slave to Cox cable channels.   I talked to them about that at CES this year.  Told them what I was doing.  Their answer was, paraphrasing here, Oh no one else is doing that so it isn't worth our time to implement.   I guess I'm the only one in the world who wants to look at security cameras on a private RF network.   IS THIS A VERY GOOD IMPLEMENTATION OF SLING BOX ON AN IPHONE?????    What happened to these guys, in the early days they were very forward thinking.   It would be nice if I could just control my security DVR on the composite channel.  But they don't support any DVR IR codes and you can't LEARN IR codes which I always thought was rather limiting.    Come on guys, think out of the box.