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    Cant Add HDS-600RS to slingbox directory


      Hi, when i go to watch.slingbox.com it works and detects my HDS 600rs perfectly and im able to watch it over the browser. However when i go to my account and click on slingbox directory it says slingbox not found. So ive tried to add the HDS600rs slingbox using its ID and password. It then says invalid slingbox ID. I have the iphone slingplayer app and it doesnt detect my HDS600rs either, and i have tried to manually add it on there but it also comes up with the same message about invalid ID after i have signed in and entered all the details.


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          Fixed it myself by resetting to factory defaults on the box. Now i have another problem, it is working on my iphone but only the SQ (Standard quality) is working and i cannot select HQ (High Quality) even after putting high quality in the settings. The phone is right next to my router, and it does work on my pc over the browser so i dont know

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              jamesmccourt Novice

              I have the HDS 600RS too and my iPhone app will only play standard quality. I don't know if it's some sort of incompatibility with the player and our HDS boxes as the HQ might just be for the Slingbox Pro HD.


              It's annoying as the Slingplayer on Facebook and the connected devices like Boxee aren't compatible with the HDS either which is strange as Echostar own Slingmedia!


              Other than that the HDS is pretty amazing.