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    A remote power controller


      I've got a slingbox pro hd and what a great product. I use it together with my Sagem satelite set-top box at home and I use the slingplayer app on my boxee box from my summer house to watch tv.


      But but but this Sagem set-top is a pcs. of ****. It is delivered from Canal Digital in Denmark. The set-top box can due to bad weather conditions freeze up where it then has to be restarted or rebooted. A couple of times I have had my neighbor at home to go in and restart the set-top box (just power off and power on again).


      So now I am dreaming about a remote controlled power switch witch I can control from my boxee box or my iPad slingplayer app. So I can power off my set-top box from my summer house.


      If that dream comes through I will have the most wonderful tv setup.


      Do anybody know of such a device then please tell me about it.


      Br. P. Borg, Denmark