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    I've just changed routers to Linksys N750 EA3500.


      I've just changed routers from my original setup to Linksys N750 EA3500.  I followed the instructions to reset my Slingbox Pro-HD.  The network light remained illuminated, so I assumed it recognized the new IP address from the router.  However, I am still unable to connect/view remotely.  It asks me for my ADMIN password, but when I put in the original (previous) password, it does not take it.  Nor does it take the entriely new password.  I am assuming I need to somehow change the IP address, the NEW network name, and corresponding NEW password in the setup.  The problem is, I can't figure out how to do this.  I am not a total tech idiot, but I am by no means well versed in this sort of thing.  Any simply stated procedures would be a huge help to me.  I've read a ton of the related articles in the forum as well as the slingbox.com support and have not been able to navigate this.  I've spent several hours on this already and am asking for help as a last ditch effort before I give in and pay for a tech service.  Do I need to be at the location in order to do this or can I remotely go in and change all of this?  Thank you for any assistance someone can offer.