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    Slingbox Solo not working anymore (No network LED/ No IP)




      A few months ago (February) I bought a Slingbox Solo.
      It worked perfectly until this week.


      I can not longer connect to the Slingbox.
      The power led on the box is ON but the network led is OFF.
      I've tried a few times to reset the box, but it makes no difference.


      The power led is going on, but the network led looks dead. (Alsow the led lights in the slingbox logo do not sign anymore.)


      My router indicates that there is a connection between the router and the slingbox.
      But has no IP address given to the slingbox.


      I tried another router, which gives the same result.
      The router indicates that there is a cable connected between him and the slingbox.
      But the Slingbox does not ask for an ip address.


      Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?


      Best regards,