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    New MacBook Air 2012 - Slingbox no longer connects ONLY on this machine


      I restored a backup from my 2010 Air to the new 2012 Air, and have everything back in working order, I use Chrome, but have also tried this on Safari and Firefox as well.  This machine will not connect to my Pro-HD for some reason - it just stays in "Initializing" when I hit http://watch.slingbox.com/watch/sling_player .  I have disabled, and re-enabled the browser plugin, uninstalled, reinstalled it, removed the Slingbox from the Directory, and re-added it....nothing.  However, if I access the Slingbox from my iPad, other Macs in the house, iPhone...no problem...works fine.  In fact, when I removed it from the directory, the 2012 Air would not find it on the network...I did have to re-add it from another machine (it does still show up in my directory though).  It just does not want to connect.  Any thoughts on whats going on here, and why this machine wouldn't connect??  I can't imagine it has anything to do with the hardware of this Ivy Bridge Air, would it...it's just a relay point to receive the content, right?  I'm baffled, and appreciative of any assistance!!s1-1.jpg