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    Login Failed


      I have created an account here at Slingbox, however when I try to log in on my TV using my media player which already has Slingplayer installed, I get this error message. "Logon Failed - The email address or password is incorrect. Please try again (code:26) 


      I have no problem logging on using my email address and password I created here, however it will not work when I try to sign in on the player. I have even tried to change my password and create a new one, but still doesn't make a difference.


      Any suggestions please would be apprecated, considering that I am unable to get any support through slingbox and my only options are to post here and hope for the best or just scrap slingplayer and forget it.


      Kind  Regards..

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          lolcatz Newbie

          I have exactly the same problem with my WD TV LIVE HUB.


          I've tried easily more than 10 times being very careful to provide the correct email address and password... but the slingplayer app continues to give password/username error.



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              Lynsey Newbie

              Hi lolcatz,


              Sorry to hear you're having the same login issue as well. Please read the reply I wrote to the original poster and see if your  issue is the same. If you need further assistance please feel free to respond as well!


              Thank You,

              Sling media Moderation Team

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              Lynsey Newbie

              Hello Aznerb,


              Apologies for the late response. Usually when I see that there is a "password incorrect" error when trying to log into your account on a connected device, especially when you know the login information is correct as you're able to log into your account on other devices using the same login information, is usually do to the Slingbox not being compatible with the connected device. You did not mention what type of Slingbox you have so I just want to inform you on what is and is not compatible. Our legacy products such as the Slingbox Classic, AV, PRO and Tuner are considered our legacy devices and you will not be able to connect and stream these Slingbox's from connected devices. However, if you have a Slingbox Solo, PRO-HD, 350 or 500 you should not have any issues. Please see the link below for more information.



              If you have any further questions please feel free to reply to this message.


              Thank you,

              Sling media Moderation Team

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                  I have the 500 model and I'm receiving the login failed message.

                  As the others users I can connect to two web site using the account and password.


                  What to do?


                  Thank you


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                      I'm having the same problem that Antonio is having, I can connect through my laptop using the web site, but I can't do it using my Boxee Box nor a WD LiveTV box. The message that I keep receiving is "AuthorizationFailed. Request authorization has failed (code:3)"; I'd been unable to find this error code anywhere (attach is the pic).

                      I've tried to reset, update, and everything with the three devices and nothing..


                      What do I need to do to resolve this issue??

                      la foto.JPG

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                    Me too, I have the exact same issue.  Brand new Slingbox 350, brand new WD Live box, tried a dozen times at least on different days, and same error:  incorrect username or password, error 26.  Works fine from the computer.  Sounds like an issue here someone needs to figure out fast, or I'm going to return my WD Live before newegg forces a restocking charge.