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    using your slingbox as a second reciever in your home


      hello all


      heres the problem


      just moved house saterlite reciever downstairs with slingbox and intermnet connection


      have a tv upstairs no antenna or satelite box etc


      so if i connect a my laptop to the tv and connect to the slingbox via my wireless router to watch satelite tv


      so the question is would it



      a) send the signal out to my internet provider and bounce it back through my router to my upstairs laptop (burning data alowance)


      b) relaise the laptop is on the same router and not send the signal over the internet (save me the cost of installing a new antenna or buying another saterlite box)


      any techie people help me through this issue

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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hi udornbound,


          Sorry for the late response. Sp what I am getting from your post is that you want to know if it is possible to stream from within your home network without using your Internet allowance and stream on your LAN. If this is correct, I am pleased to inform you that yes, this is possible!  If you have the desktop SlingPlayer for your Windows or MAC PC and you view your Slingbox using that SlingPlayer, you will be able to stream on your LAN. If you're viewing through our web site then you can view in the 'POP UP" window and this also allows you to view over you LAN. You can completely disconnect your PC from the Internet when viewing in the pop up window and you will still be able to stream your Slingbox. Below is a link to an article that has some useful information about streaming over your LAN as well.



          I hope this helps and please feel free to respond with any further questions that you may have.


          Thank you ,

          Sling Media Moderation Team