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    General questions


      A bit of a rant before we start? 


      The slingbox.com website appears to be designed to be technical content free.  Spent over 30 minutes on it.  Couldn't find a downloadable product manual, other than a "Getting Started" guide.  Saw a reference to an online search tool for remote compatibility, but never found the tool itself. 


      For a technical buyer like me, a complete and utter #fail.


      Considering the 500.  Couldn't find an explanation of what was required to have the Slingbox communicate remote control information from its app back to the AV equipment.  I see that there's an (optional) "IR blaster".  No indication if this actually comes with unit.  The "Getting Started" documentation doesn't even mention what's required to have the Slingbox communicate remote information to the AV unit.


      C'mon guys ...


      I'll be connecting this to a OTA DTV set top box.  It'd be nice to change channels remotely.  Double-bonus: program the DVR remotely.