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    old composite was noncontrolable-New video security sys has remote


      Okay here's the deal, I had a "QUAD" for my home video system but it was only controlable from the front panel--- I got a new "quad" view unit (that actualy has up to 8 cameras) you can choose the usual choices such as "camera 1 full screen" or "QUAD VIEW" - 4 cameras on one screen - Etc. In the past I have streamed the "QUAD VIEW" ("monitor out") to My SlingBox Pro using the "input 1 composite video input , With the HD adapter cord hooked to my HD DVR CableBox. Back to My NEW Video Quad unit, the new one has an I.R. remote control to choose which camera view comes out the "monitor out" that I feed into input 1 on My Slingbox Pro...... is there anyway to either use a "learning feature" or SDK or something to be able to send at least 4 - 6  I.R. comands I.E. make my own remote control to control an "other controlable device" in my input configurations for the different inputs on the back of My SlingBox Pro.....   Help!   Thank's  Mark