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    Slingbox crashing




      I have Slingbox SOLO and randomly when playing content it crashes and I can't connect to it until I reset the power.

      Can I get any logs from from my Slingbox SOLO so I can see what the reason for the crash was?

      As soon as I have it reset I will post firmware version in this post aswell.

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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hello Veidit,


          Sorry for the delay in the reply. To answer your question, there is not any log that you can pull that tells you when the Slingbox has been disconnected from the Internet. If this issue is still occurring what I would like for you to do is take a look at your network light on the front of the Slingbox and see if it is blinking or not lit at all. If the light is blinking or off I would like for you to do a hard reset on your Slingbox by holding your reset button on the back of the Slingbox for 30 seconds and time this is possible because anything under the 30 seconds will not be effective. Once the reset is done then you will need to go to setup.slingbox.com and reconfigure your device. There are some other troubleshooting steps you can try, please see the links below.



          I would also like for you to take a look at other devices that are connected to the Internet when this happens and see if they lose a connection as well. If so, I would recommend that you contact your Internet service provider.


          I hope this helps!


          Thank you,

          Sling Media Moderation team