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    i have trouble watching TV over the Internet




      i traveled outside my country this summer and i used slingbox program to view channels from my iPad
      I noticed that the quality of the picture is not as good as it was when im inside my country

      My question is Does the quality of the picture when the device sling Box and the device I am using (for example ipad) in the same country Or in a different country ?

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          callanish Apprentice

          Frankly, it's all about the quality of the Internet from where you are, the distance from your slingbox along with latency which can slow the stream speed, thus reducing picture quality. The device you are watching the stream on can also play a role.  I noticed the iPad can be more vulnerable to less than perfect stream speeds so I find I can get a better quality stream out of a laptop than I do from an iPad the farther away I am from my slingbox.


          So, it's not just because you are outside the country, because there are so many variables at play when you start a stream from another location whether you are in or outside of the country and all that can affect the quality of your picture.

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            i tested the connection from the computer and gives me the same result

              It show me always the option of standard mode picture quality ,, did not appear to me auto mode option for automatic image quality
            addition to the connection speed of the country was good ..When I came back  to my country the normal position as it was.. So I think that the quality is generally less than if you are in the country and the device (slingBox)  in another country..Generally remains SlingBox is a good solution to watch my channel anywhere.