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    Slingbox Pro-HD is HOT!  But can it be COOL?

    tcaradonna Novice

      Love the slingbox, but anyone else notice that the pro-hd runs a little hot, even under idle?  I wanted to find out what people are doing to keep it cool?


      Here are some ideas.


      -Keep it off the floor and away from dust, use air-in-a can to clean it every so often

      -Keep it away from other equipment that could create a combined "heating force field"


      How about this?  Slightly more invasive:

      -Use the USB port in the back to power a small fan (much like alot of laptop coolers)

      -Attaching heatsinks to the chips inside  (yes, you'd have to open it up)


      Let us all hear what you tried, AND if cooling the guy helped its performance at all.  Lines are open.