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    Slingbox chokes on discovery network channels


      I've got a weird problem and so far no one has been able to help me. I purchased a slingbox pro hd a few months ago new. I have it set up with WOW (wide open west) cable using the coax input and the internal QAM tuner. We've got standard digital (non HD). I can watch any channel I want on my slingbox except any discovery network channel (discovery, tlc, travel, etc). When I watch one of these channels the slingbox will stream the content for about 5 to 10 seconds before it goes to a black screen and says no video present. Often you can see noise slightly above or below the main content and the KBPS rate will begin to drop before it gives up.


      I've spoken with slingbox tech support, they say there is nothing wrong with the slingbox. They've had me reset the box and go through the install several times with the same results and assured me that it must be my cable company. I've also spoken with the cable company who tells me they haven't had any record of anyone having a problem with their slingbox and that they aren't encrypting or sending the discovery channels at any different resolution than the other channels.


      I'm about out of ideas. Does anyone have a suggestion or two? I would be very satisfied with my slingbox if I didn't crave watching discovery and the travel channels.